Sildenafil Generic Website – Things You Must Know About Generic Sildenafil

Generic Sildenafil

Men with sexual performance problem are reluctant to consult their condition to their doctors. For them, this issue is quite embarrassing to their manhood.

But, with modern medicine, this type of condition is treatable, as long as the cause is addressed first. Thankfully, most doctors who focus on this issue are conducting private consultations.

Thus, if you have a problem with erections, you no longer need to hide and suffer. You can talk to your doctor and ask for some treatments to help you out.

Buy sildenafil online 

Sildenafil citrate is not a new drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Rather, it is the main active ingredient of Erectile dysfunction meds. We have many ED meds with Sildenafil such as Aurogra, Malegra, Kamagra and even the female version such as lovegra and Femalegra . We not only supply Sildenafil products but libido boosters such as Cernos gel and more.

Is it safe to buy sildenafil online from a sildenafil generic website?

Yes, it is safe. This generic medicine underwent rigorous testing to make sure that it has all the components real erectile dysfunction meds. It means that it has the main active ingredient that can effectively treat erectile dysfunction.


The usual starting dose for this drug is 50 mg. However, your doctor may prescribe you higher than that dose. Follow what your doctor has recommended to ensure that you are getting the most of this drug.

Regardless of the dose, you need to take it an hour before having sexual intercourse with your partner. Side effects may occur. If they do, your doctor may recommend lowering the dose. If there are no side effects after 4 times of taking it, your physician may increase the dose.

Generic sildenafil is a safe drug for erectile dysfunction. But you must avoid taking it in excess as it does not enhance its effectiveness. Rather, it increases your likelihood of experiencing unwanted reactions from this drug.


How it works?

Generic sildenafil works by relaxing your blood vessels found in your penis. As a result of that action, it allows more blood to flow to your penis. While your vessels are relaxed, your arteries are constricted so less blood will leave the penile region. Because of these actions, you will experience an erection that is enough to pleasure yourself and your sexual partner.

What side effects you must know?

Whether you buy sildenafil online or from a local drugstore, this drug may still cause some side effects. The most common unwanted reactions related to the use of this drug will include the following:

Most of these side effects will fade away after initial dose. If they do not, you should consult your physician immediately. It could be that you are allergic to the drug’s components.If you cannot find the products you need here, then you can try our other cheap Sildenafil Citrate website here